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Welcome to EST Technology Co., Ltd website!
Keywords:EMC testing, Safety testing, Chemical testing

Service Items

EMC Services

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMI/EMS) testing / countermeasure / report

Issuing EMC certificate / report of FCC, IC, VCCI, C-TICK and other organizations

Safety Services

LVD and CEC testing / countermeasure / report

Providing witnessed tests such as GS, UL ,ETL,CB, and assisting in applying for report / certificate

Chemical Services

Chemical testing / reporting / improvement measures

Free advice on chemical-related regulatory requirements


Safety Laboratory

Based on the talents and experience, Safety Laboratory can offer you quality service with the perfect testing equipments and commodious testing environment. Safety Laboratory has established good cooperative relationship with the international authoritative organizations, which can offer the technical problems in the whole process from devel...

Chemistry Lab

Chemical Laboratory has the world's most advanced chemical analysis equipment, high-quality sophisticated pre-treatment equipment, professional high-end chemical testing industry professionals. To provide you with reliable chemical analysis test results, clear and easy to understand the chemical test report. For you to design professional and reasonable test program, to ...

EST Technology Co., Ltd
  EST complies international organization ISO/IEC17025,At present, EST has the testing site of over 5,000 square meters, with standard 3M semi-range anechoic chamber and 3M full-range anechoic chamber (fully in conformity with the requirements of CISPR16-1 and ANSIC63.4), many shielded chambers (for conduction and EN55020 testing), anti-jamming laboratory, and commodious safety laboratory. The testing equipments are advanced and excellent, which are manufactured by R&S in Germany, HAEFELY in Switzerland, and Shimadzu in Japan.


Time flies, through thick and thin; a hard work, a harvest! Heng-yong to the vigorous figure through the trials and hardships of the five years, through the five years of one heart and one mind, through the development of the ...
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